Sample Results


Collars for Sample

Collars frame the face and are within our vision 90 percent of the time.
They deserve careful selection and scrupulous maintenance as even the smallest flaw will be noticed.

- When fitting shirts and tops ensure all areas within the \'Vital V\' fit perfectly.
This area extends from between your breasts out to the tip of your shoulders.
When speaking to people this area is in our peripheral vision causing even the tiniest imperfections to be noticed.
Some of the following collars can also be found on jackets as lapels.

- As a general rule, collared garments coordinate best with medium to short hair styles, or hair worn up.
Non collared necklines can be successfully worn with long or short hair.

- You will look best in garments that have a bust dart.

- With your medium neck length, your best styles of collars and lapels will be those that do not rise up the neck too far.


Collars and lapels frame the face; this makes them a significant focal point of any garment. Your collars and lapels should complement the shape of your face and balance the proportions of your body. The following factors have been taken into consideration when selecting your best styles in collars and lapels:

  • Your face shape.
  • The width and slope of your shoulders.
  • Your bust size.
  • Your age.
  • Your neck length and circumference.
  • Your horizontal proportions (ratio between your bust, waist and hips).
  • Any relevant, prominent features you may have, e.g. a dowager's hump.

The most versatile shirts or blouses are simple in design and understated in style. The more elaborately designed, fashion-forward or embellished your shirts, the fewer options you will have when trying to match them with other pieces in your wardrobe and the faster they will date. The best shirts and blouses are those that are not too sheer, tight-fitting or stiff. While deep necklines may be eye-catching and provocative, they are not recommended for business wear. Keep in mind, the more skin you show, the less seriously you will be taken.